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Police & Law Enforcement Gear

Many times in a story an officer's gear can play a crucial role. We have hundreds of police uniform variations.  We carry kydex, leather, nylon, and more. Tasers, cuffs, mag pouches, mace, batons, and radios are available to rent as well. If you are going for accuracy then look no further.



Finding the right kind of weapons for a production is as important as the characters themselves.  Using the wrong kind of weapons to portray law enforcement or military personnel can severely damage the credibility of the entire production. Knowing what types of weapons to use and when can sometimes be challenging to those who may be unfamiliar with firearms.  All of our weapons can be fully customized to suit your production needs. We also carry a wide selection of period weaponry. 

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Custom Wardrobe Design

Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic Drama, Zombie Hunters.  Those are roles that require custom wardrobe design services.  Let us help you create the prefect look for your Vampire Hunter or Silent Warrior roaming the wastelands after the fall of civilization.  We can also customize your SWAT or Special Ops Teams for a realistic and unique design.

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Uniforms & Accessories

Clothes make the man and so does the proper wardrobe.  We have hundreds of styles of uniforms and equipment to choose from.  Detectives, Patrolmen, Undercover Officers, DEA, FBI, SHERIFF, SWAT, and more.


Special Operations Weapons & Gear

Special Operations teams are the tip of the spear which is why they gets the best equipment.  We carry everything that your team would need for high speed assaults, snatch and grabs, recon missions, or full on invasions.

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Weapons Armorer

When working with weapons on set you need proper training and supervision.  Our licensed Armorers and Weapons Handlers will give your production an added layer of professional support and guidance while using firearms on set.  Safety is no accident.  Hire the pros.

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One of the most important aspects of production are props and wardrobe, and attention to detail is crucial when making any production look authentic.  Our wardrobe selection includes military dress uniforms, tactical equipment for SWAT teams and special operations units.  So if you're looking to stage a crime scene or storm a beachhead, we have what you need.  We take pride in our 3500 square foot warehouse and we are constantly adding more inventory.

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