VIDEO AUTOMATICALLY LOADS to watch a condensed
version of the twenty minute clip that we brought to the Parrothead
DATELINE:  February 29th, 2008
the RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT was part
of the 13th annual Parrothead convention in Newport
Rhode Island.  TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS presented
the crowd with an exclusive twenty minute sneak peek of
just some of the exciting scenes from Indiana James.  
Special thanks to C.J. Adams and the members of the
Ocean State Parrothead Club.  The sneak peek was
received with huge applause and laughs.  The Parrotheads
picked up on all of the inside jokes and Buffett humor that
we had been hoping for.  We couldn't have asked for a
better reception.  This really gives us inspiration to finish
the movie in the next few months.  Thanks to the cast and
crew who made the trip down to Newport.  Your support
and dedication to your craft and the production has been
amazing,  I couldn't shoot frame one without you.  
-Thomas Pimentel