DATELINE:  February 29th, 2008
FEBRUARY 29th, 2008  INDIANA JAMES and the
RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT was part of the
13th annual Parrothead convention in Newport Rhode Island.  
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS presented the crowd with an
exclusive twenty minute sneak peek of just some of the exciting
scenes from Indiana James.  Special thanks to C.J. Adams and
the members of the Ocean State Parrothead Club.  The sneak
peek was received with huge applause and laughs.  The
Parrotheads picked up on all of the inside jokes and Buffett
humor that we had been hoping for.  We couldn't have asked
for a better reception.  This really gives us inspiration to finish
the movie in the next few months.  Thanks to the cast and crew
who made the trip down to Newport.  Your support and
dedication to your craft and the production has been amazing,  I
couldn't shoot frame one without you.  -Thomas Pimentel    
CLICK PLAY ABOVE to watch a condensed version of the twenty minute
clip that we brought to the Parrothead Convention.
Director , Thomas Pimentel was interviewed by
Worcester Telegram and Gazette Writer, Craig
Semon about the influence if Indiana Jones.  Click on
the link above to read the entire story about how
many others have been influenced by the success of
Indiana Jones.  Special thanks again to writer, Craig
DATELINE:  August 20th, 2008
AUGUST 20th, 2008
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS wants the fans to become
movie producers.  Do you want to be part of a history
making independent film?  Do you want to be associated
with the biggest Indiana Jones fan film of all time?  Well
now is your chance.  By clicking on the picture to the right
that reads,
so you want to be a movie producer, you will be
able to make a contribution to the production of Indiana
James.  There are three categories for becoming a
producer, Co-Producer, Producer, Executive Producer.  
Producers will be able to get their name in the credits,  
receive a movie poster and a completed copy of Indiana
James.  Click on the link to find out how to begin your

Richard Murphy
Boston Film Industry Examiner
Richard Murphy saw his first movie at
four years of age and has loved cinema
ever since. He is especially fond of film
noir, which is surprising considering his
sunny disposition. Richard can be reached
RICHARD MURPHY who will be playing the character of DEITER in the upcoming
Indiana James action comedy, is also a writer for the  Richard has Look
for continuing articles form Richard in the future as he hope to document the rest of the
production process.  Richard's articles will include interviews with cast and crew,
coverage of major shooting dates and casting information for actors and crew.  Thanks
Richard for all your hard work.  We look forward to your coverage.  
DATELINE:  November 18th,  2009
DATELINE:  November 23rd, 2009

Richard Murphy
Boston Film Industry Examiner
Richard Murphy has another update about
Indiana James.  See what he has to say
about the new video, BOAT AROUND
THE WORLD, and get more info on
upcoming shooting dates for Indiana
DATELINE:  April 23rd, 2010
Matthew Whorf from the Walpole Times met with
TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS on Saturday April 17th, to talk
about the upcoming shoot at Brookline Moving and
Storage.   Special thanks to Matt Whorf and Patrick
Lundgren.   Click on the link below to read the story.  
JUNE 23rd, 2007.  INDIANA JAMES and the
RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT is back in
production.  After several months of being stuck indoors
INDIANA JAMES is back in full swing.  Saturday June 23rd
started off with a bang, shooting the GREATWOODS BAR
SCENE with sixteen actors and a full crew of family and
friends.  June 23rd also marked the introduction of MARION
GREATWOODS, played by the talented,
RONDANO.  Special thanks to CHRIS and ALAN
BENECCHI for opening their home to the production who set
up shop in their basement for the past eight months.    
tuned for more updates and check out the media link for a sneak
peak of KEVIN and CHRISTINA's Indiana James debuts.  
DATELINE:  AUGUST 16th, 2007
Independent filmmaker Thomas Pimentel stars
in the low-budget spoof “Indiana James and the
Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt,” which he
hopes to screen in October.
AUGUST 16th, 2007.  The luck of Elvis is shining over me once again.  On the 30th
anniversary of the death of the King and one day before my 30th birthday there is a glimpse of light at
the end of the tunnel.  Craig Semon from the Worcester T&G delivers another terrific article that
would make any A-lister in Hollywood blush.  ANDREW SHANLEY and myself sat down with
CRAIG about two weeks ago to talk about our upcoming projects and ideas for the future.  You can
read the whole article at the following link.  Click on the picture of a hand holding a whip.  You can't
miss it.  Ironically it's right under a tribute video to ELVIS.

Thank you to Craig Semon and the folks at the Worcester T&G for another great article.  Thanks for
being a fan Craig and a great guy.  We hope to have more material for you in the future.

Viva Manch-Vegas Baby!  
"A Pirate Looks At Newport"
Latest Scuttlebutt

Did you go to see Jimmy Buffett at Gillette Stadium this year (or anywhere, for that
matter)??  Were you in your seats when they showed some entertaining footage of a
Raiders of the Lost Ark spoof film??  That wasn't just Jimmy horsing around like he
normally does every year.  That was footage from a real movie that is set to debut in
May 2008 named "Indiana James and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt".

The Ocean State Parrot Head Club is proud to announce that we will be showcasing
an extended preview of this movie at the 13th Annual New England Parrot Head
Convention "A Pirate Looks At Newport"!!!  As if you needed another reason to
come to Newport to party with us.

Check out their website for more information about this Parrot Head movie!
INDIANA JAMES and the RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT will be heading to Rhode
Island on February 29th 2008.  TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS has been invited to make a presentation
at the thirteenth annual Parrothead Convention.  Check out the write up below that has been posted
on the Ocean State Parrothead Club Home page.   Feel free to contact us for information.  
Ocean State Parrot Head Club
Come toss out your anchor in our particular harbor.
DATELINE:  October4th, 2010
DATELINE:  May 21st, 2008
UPDATED SHOOTING INFORMATION for the month of October, 2010.

Indiana James shooting schedule for SUNDAY, October 24th. 2010.




We will begin shooting around 11:30 am and shoot until we have completed our exterior daytime scenes.  We have to shoot one scene at night and so if you want to
be there for both scenes you would have to hang around.  If you want to shoot in the morning and not at night or vice versa you can do that too.  Just let us know.  
We will provide changing areas.  They have rest rooms on site and we will provide food, drinks, snacks and frivolity.  Some extras will have to dance in a conga line
but there is no singing.  Please wear sensible footwear and not flip flops or sandals.  The deck of the ships are metal and dangerous.  

Please R.S.V.P. as soon as possible.  Contact us with any questions.

The address for the shoot is

Battleship Cove
5 Water Street
Fall River, MA 02721

Seeking male and female extras to play crew members and the bad guys who will be dressed up like police officers called, the BIKIS (pronounced BIKE-EASE).  
Ages 18-65.  All races.  No acting experience required.  Many extras will get face time and even be given lines.    

Everyone will have individual photos taken on for the website and Internet promotion.  If you have a hard copy of your head shot and resume please bring it with you.

Please bring friends or family that want to come.  We love guests and they can be in the movie.  We will have wardrobe available for all actors.  Please wear

Pack yourself a small cooler with drinks and snacks and power bars or whatever keeps you going.  We might not have time to stop and eat. Once we start we
probably will not stop.Anyone who comes please make sure that you have your own car.  It will be difficult for you to have someone else pick you up that late at
night especially when we don't know when we will finish.  We will take breaks if we can.

Bring cell phone chargers that plug into the wall or your car chargers.  We don't want anyone out of contact or stranded after the shoot.

Walk through the main visitors center and tell anyone that asks you that you are there for the movie.  We will have our base camp set up behind the main visitor

CONTACT (If you are lost)
I have a blackberry and I receive texts and e-mails and phone calls.

Some people may be asked to perform various actions throughout the day.  Please feel free to bring friends, family and relatives along.  We have no problems with
people bringing friends as long as they participate.  Please call or e-mail to confirm that you are coming and approximately how many people you will be bringing
with you.  All extras will be given a copy of the movie when it is complete and will be invited to the premiere.  Thank you and we hope to see you there.  
Indiana James goes to Battleship Cove
Extras wanted:  Come and be part of the action.
DATELINE:  October26th, 2010
INDY MOVIE: Extras needed at Battleship Cove.  Will Indiana James be able to find the lost shaker of salt?

By Matthew Whorf
Special to The Herald News
As Pimental recalls for Indy fans, “This is the scene where Indiana has already taken back the Ark from
the clutches of the Nazis, and has loaded it onto the ship to smuggle it out of Cairo and back to England.
But the next morning, Indy is woken up by Nazis who have seized and surrounded the ship, trying to get
the Ark back. So then Indy swims to the Nazi U-Boat and stows away on it until the Nazis get to the island.”

But as the filmmaker further describes, “In our version, the Ark is actually the Lost Shaker of Salt
(of fame in Buffet‘s “Margaritaville”), and the Nazis are pirates and parrot heads and maybe any
other types of villain characters we can write in there.”

Pimental and crew have secured the use of two of the Cove’s major fixtures to transform into
movie sets for Sunday’s shoot — the destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. and the submarine

For this the filmmaker lends most of the credit to the Cove’s new executive director, Brad King,
who took over the position in May, and whom Pimental said provided the official authorization for
the film company to shoot “on-location” at the Cove.

Said Pimental, “We’d been trying to get this location to shoot in for over a year. Not really
because it was hard to get, but because it’s logistically challenging.”
“Brad (King) has been great in working with us to help us get this day to shoot here. He’s not only
a longtime fan of the Indiana Jones movies, but he’s also a Jimmy Buffet fan. He has friends in the
movie business, whom he met from when he worked over in England, and who’ve worked on the
Indiana Jones movies. He’s even given ideas and input into the scenes we’re shooting at the

Pimental also wants to give due to one of his executive producers, Dave Letendre, of
Framingham, who is also an acting coach at the John Robert Powers School in the Worcester
location. He said that Letendre was “almost single-handedly” able to recruit most of the extras
and even cast players for Sunday’s shoot.

click here for full story.
DATELINE:  October23rd, 2010
From the only Mayan temple in Massachusetts to a flotilla of World War II naval vessels, Indiana James
and the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt has seen it all. Cast and crew may have courted frostbite
this time, but at least mosquito borne diseases were not at risk at what may be the final shoot of the
long road of Thomas Pimentel et al to get this movie done.

Actually, that Mayan temple was part of a minature golf course with a motif. The flotilla, is at a museum
celebrating mainly, The Battleship Massachusetts, but the filming used a submarine and another boat
located at the cove.

Sunday, October 24 was a good day, even if frigid. What was also special is that there was a visitor,
Mitch Hallock from the Indy Cast podcast. On the video, we interviewed him and he us. He spoke to a
lot of other cast and crew. Our video accidentally obscures his face. Sorry Mitch, our competent
cameraman was awol. Don't know when Mitch's podcast will be up, but here is what we hope is the link.
Our video is below.

Until I spoke with Mitch, I had no idea how big Indy fan movies are.  It seems Indiana James and the
Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt is going to come out at the right time in the cycle of the genre.  Hey,
if the weather doesn't help, maybe luck will happen elsewhere

click her for more.
The Boston
DATELINE:  November 2nd, 2010
MITCHELL A. HALLOCK has posted his PODCAST that he recorded during
our shoot at Battleship Cove.  Please check out the link above and listen to
interviews with INDIANA JAMES actors; Michael and Maria LoPresti, Christina
Rondano, Dave LeTendre, Mark Spinelli, Richard Murphy, and more.  Special
thanks to MITCHELL A. HALLOCK and OWEN who made the trip up to
Massachusetts and jumped in with enthusiasm and genuine fan inspired
excitement.  MITCHELL A. HALLOCK is living proof  that the fans make
movies possible and you have to have passion for the art of movie making.    
DATELINE:  April 5th, 2011
MITCHELL A. HALLOCK does it again with his look back at Raiders of the
Lost Ark, and the impact that the movie had on him and so many others.  
MITCH writes about his memories of Indiana Jones and how if changed his
life and paved the way for what he is doing now.  He gives a very nice
mention of Indiana James in the article and we are all very happy for the
nod.  Thanks Mitch.  Phinz up!    
DATELINE:  May 16th, 2011
Melrose man treasures gig as Capt. Jack Sparrow
He charms the women, jokes with the men and entertains the kids.
Capt. Jack Sparrow, at your service.
Johnny Depp reprises his role as the shifty swashbuckler in the eagerly awaited “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,”
which arrives in theaters Friday.
But the salty captain has been spotted closer to home.
Dressing up as the buccaneer started as a Halloween costume for Melrose resident Michael LoPresti six years ago. Now it’s a
booming business.
“We put together a crude costume and we went into Salem and we got a really great response,” said LoPresti, a Web designer
and actor.
LoPresti, 39, and his wife, Maria, are both regular cast members in “Joey & Maria’s Comedy Italian Wedding.” Now LoPresti is
also getting hired to appear at children’s birthday parties and graduation celebrations through his Web site, GetCaptainJack.
com. He’s even delivered flowers to a woman on her 50th birthday.
“It was odd for me,” he said of the gig. “I had to flirt with this woman with her husband three feet away.”
Maria, who often appears as Lady Molly, a Captain Jack sidekick, said LoPresti is a stickler for detail.
“He wants to be as screen-accurate as possible,” Maria said. “He’s not just a guy you hire with the iParty costume.”
LoPresti, who has a degree in thea-ter and design from Harvard, handcrafted the shrunken head that hangs from Sparrow’s
belt, as well as his wig of gnarly dreadlocks.
When he combines the costume with Sparrow’s wobbly stride and slurred speech strange things happen.
On one outing he upstaged Santa Claus.
“The children didn’t know who to look at — Santa or Jack,” Maria said.
Portuguese sailors adopted him when the Tall Ships were in port. On another occasion, a woman proposed to him.
And the cult of Jack Sparrow appears to be growing.  
Crooner Michael Bolton sang the graces of Depp’s creation in a recent “Saturday Night Live” skit with Andy Samberg. And there
is talk of a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.
As long as there is demand, LoPresti is happy to oblige.
“This is just too much fun,” he said

By Tenley Woodman BOSTON HERALD
the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt, but he also has one hell of a day job.  Congrats to
Michael and his wife Maria for the great article in the Boston Herald.  Michael and Maria
MICHAEL LOPRESTI might be the lead villian in the upcoming movie, Indiana James and
the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt, but he also has one hell of a day job.  Congrats to
Michael and his wife Maria for the great article in the Boston Herald.  Michael and Maria
are two of the most intelligent and gifted actors to have ever worked with TNT LTD.
PRODUCTIONS.  " Michael and Maria are the hardest working pirates on the East coast,
and Michael is the best Jack Sparrow impersonator in the world."  Mark Spinelli,
Executive Producer of Indiana James.  

Check out both Michael and Maria in the latest, FLY ON THE SET, episode here.
To find out more about Captain Jack and Lady
Molly please visit their website at
DATELINE:  February 22nd, 2014
National Margarita Day 2014.  Needs Salt.
In honor of National
Margarita Day Dr. James
whips up something
special for one of his
most favorite holidays.
DATELINE:  March 26th, 2014
Young Eastwood stepping into Ford's Aldens.
Rumors have begun to surface that the son of actor/director Clint Eastwood could take over
Eastwood, the son of legendary film actor and director Clint Eastwood, is currently in talks to
put on the leather jacket and trademark fedora.

Ford, 71, has been playing 'Indy' since 1981 with "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and a new face
could be just what the series needs.

Ford has said many times in the press that he could still handle the role of Dr. Henry Walton
"Indiana" Jones Jr., as he has done in five films (the last in 2008).

"We've seen the character develop and grow over a period of time and it's perfectly
appropriate and OK for him to come back again with a great movie around him where he
doesn't necessarily have to kick as much ass," he said.

RELATED:  Scott Eastwood stars in WWII action/drama, FURY, with Brad Pitt and ironically
enough, Shia LaBeouf.  

So, there's the option of keeping Ford as Jones, going with Eastwood, 28, or maybe even a
third option of bringing back Shia LaBeouf, who starred in 2008's "Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" as Mutt Williams to stay with the story line and bring back Jones'

Only time will tell.
DATELINE:  April 23rd, 2014
Though it never sank, Indiana James resurfaces.   By Richard Morchoe

April 23, 2014

Making movies is work, but it does have its fun
aspects. Indie film is another world, but is also not
without its pleasant aspects. More so in that
independent film is guerrilla warfare compared to
mainstream movie making. There is the shared
camaraderie of cast and crew. Locations are always
interesting. The guerilla aspect has been a hallmark
of the production of Indiana James and the Raiders
of the Lost Shaker of Salt.

Continue to story...
Christina Rondano as Marion Greatwoods and
Thomas Pimentel as Doctor Indiana James.
DATELINE:  May 5th, 2014
May the FIFTH be with you.
Celebrate the 5th of May in style by Celebrate this day by consuming a fifth of your favorite adult libation.  

Try this recipe and don't forget to visit
our friends at Thomas Tew Rum.
Seeking athletic Males with weapons experience.  Airsofters
welcome.  SWAT TEAM MEMBERS play a pivotal role in the
movie's climax.  Athletic and in good shape.  Five or six days
of shooting.

Seeking Males with weapons experience.  Airsofters
welcome.  Must be in shape.  Looking for extras that can
portray a special military unit that engages a large enemy
force in a firefight.  Five or six days of shooting.

Seeking Men and WOMEN to play Air Force Personnel on a
military base that is attacked by a  large enemy force.  Must be
athletic.  Five of six days of shooting.
DATELINE:  October 23rd, 2015
CALL OF DUTY:  AREA 51 Actors needed for Indiana James.
DATELINE:  January 1st 2016
DATELINE:  January 11th 2016
The Adventures of Indiana James Kickstarter Twitter Page is now online.
DATELINE:  December 25th 2015
The first TEASER TRAILER for the Adventures of Indiana James is now online
The Adventures of Indiana James Facebook page is now online.
You can also follow us on "The Facebook".  Make sure to leave us photos of what
you made for dinner last night and desperate status updates about your bad day. Or,
you can tell us how happy you are that a web series like ours has finally come along
and changed your life forever.  Just go ahead and click on the icon to the right.  The
other right, your other right!
You can also follow us on twitter and tell us how bad you hate our project.  We
look forward to reading your hate filled messages that will be sent directly to
our personal wireless devices.  Or, you can tweet us about how we have
inspired you and changed your lives forever.  However, we are almost certain
that we are going to be reading some hate.  Thanks Al Gore.
DATELINE:  January 3rd 2017
A few years ago I was part of a documentary called Parrotheads.  The movie is directed by
Bryce Wagoner, a huge Parrothead and extremely generous artist.  I am part of the
documentary, talking about Indiana James and how it came to be.  It is produced by Jimmy
Buffett and Mailboat Records. It's quick and many of you are in it whether you asked to be
or not.  Please check it out today on Itunes, Vimeo, and On Demand.  That's means you can
watch it at home on your flat screen television.  Pick up that Comcast remote, if it works,
and hit the microphone button and say, "Parrotheads".  My part starts at 17:12.  Some old
friends and new are featured here is a quick list  Mike Pimentel, Matt Haggerty, Conor
Piecham, Mike Hughes, Phil Luongo, Andy Sawyer, Doug VB Goudie, Dave LeTendre (
wherever you are), Kevin Hunt, Matthew P. Brown, Christina Rondano, Michael LoPresti,
Richard Murphy, Chris Williams, Andrew Shanley, Kesa Lynch, T.J. Kross and

You can also find the movie on Vimeo right this minute!!!
Parrothead, Firearms Specialist and lover of
the adult beverage.
The Adventures of Indiana James COPYRIGHT TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS 2005-2017