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ACTORS WANTED Various Roles Action/Adventure/Spoof

Seeking actors for various roles in an Action/Comedy Web Series, The Adventures of Indiana
James. The AOIJ is an action adventure spoof currently shooting in and around New England. All
roles are for NON-UNION actors and all roles are UNPAID. If you are picked for Indiana James this
is what you will receive as compensation.

1. Role in the web series.
2. Credit.
3. Head shot and resume posted on production company website at
4. Use of set photos and video on personal social media sites.


Cancun extras
Extras of all ages, sizes and races to play the citizens of a Cancun village.   Must come dressed
in beach clothing.  Hawaiian shirts, hats, flip flops.   The crazier the better.    One day of
shooting.   Some light physical activity.

Police officers
Males. All ages.  Must be in good shape.   We do not have uniforms for anyone that is
overweight.   If you are overweight than please do not respond for these roles.    Wardrobe is
limited.   Actors to play a fictitious police department that is responsible for herding up the
villagers of Cancun.   Must be in good shape.   Some running and physical activity.   Some actors
might have to ride mountain bikes.  You will be required to wear bike shorts and combat boots.
We don't want people to think they are playing Miami Vice roles. Good sense of humor. Lots of
action, shooting weapons, several days of shooting for the Police Officers. Night and day shoots.
Athletic and physical types would be preferred.

Seeking athletic Males with weapons experience.  Airsofters welcome.  SWAT TEAM MEMBERS
play a pivotal role in the movie's climax.  Athletic and in good shape.  Five or six days of shooting.

Seeking Males with weapons experience.  Airsofters welcome.  Must be in shape.  Looking for
extras that can portray a special military unit that engages a large enemy force in a firefight.  Five
or six days of shooting.

Seeking Men and WOMEN to play Air Force Personnel on a military base that is attacked by a  
large enemy force.  Must be athletic.  Five of six days of shooting.

Pirates: Men and Women. All Races. Several days of shooting. Lots of action. Chases and sword

Beautiful Daughters. Women. All Races. Ten beautiful girls needed to play the daughters of one
of the main characters. Two days of shooting only. Must wear bathing suits. Good sense of
humor and not shy.

Singers and Dancers: Men and Women 18-65 All Races Needed for musical number. Small
choreography needed. One day of shooting. Two to rehearse.

No acting experience required. Fun, good natured, energetic individuals who are looking to be
part of an amazing movie. Many of our actors stay with us for a long time and become involved in
other projects with TNT LTD. PRODUCTIONS.

Send head shot and resume to We look forward to working with you.