Dr. Indiana James sets off in a whirlwind adventure to far off places in
search of ancient treasures and mystery.  Along the way he encounters
villains, damsels, danger, and drinks.  Take an inside look into the world of
Indiana James and meet the incredible people that bring it to life.
    THOMAS PIMENTEL as DR. HENRY "INDIANA" JAMES JR.  Professor of Mixology at the
New England University of Mixology.  Dr. Indiana James is a world renowned traveler,
adventurer and leader in the field of Mixology.  Indy began studying Mixology at the New
England University of Mixology.  There he met one of his best friends and fellow travelers, a
young student named, Melvin "SALAD" Fenderburg.  Indy and Salad were fast friends and soon
the two of them decided to study for a semester in Cancun, Mexico.  After graduating from the
University, Indy trained at Domino college  under one of the pioneers and foremost
connoisseur  of Mixology, GARDNER GREATWOODS.  Indy honed his skills in Mixology doing
extensive field work in Negril,Jamaica with Professor Greatwoods.  It was there where Indy met
and fell in love with a young woman named MARION GREATWOODS.  Contrary to popular
belief, Professor Greatwoods was delighted by the match and hoped that Indy would become
part of the Greatwoods family.  Unfortunately, that was not the case, and Indy joined the military
and served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  After his service he went back to Boston and became the
globe trotting adventurer that he is today.  Indiana James is currently the head of the Mixology
Department at the New England University of Mixology.      
   DAVID LeTENDRE as DR. MARCUS DENNY.  The Dean of the New England University of
Mixology.  Professor Marcus Denny began his career at the New England University of
Mixology as a student and after graduation was offered a teaching position.  Professor Denny is
credited with expanding the field of Mixology and is well known for his best selling books
including, "
One Drink, Two Drinks, Three Drinks, No Drinks" and The best selling
, "Where the Hell did I Park My Bloody Car?"  Professor Denny took up the
role of Dean in 1998 and has since expanded the University of Mixology by opening fifteen
campus' across the country.  Often critiqued for his hands on approach to teaching, Professor
Denny has been a world wide leader and researcher in the field of Mixology and the
preservation for alcohol related artifacts.  

Dr. Denny first met Indiana James while serving in Afghanastan where he was  was a member
of the elite Royal Marines for eight years.  Dr. Denny has been a lifelong friend of Indiana
James and has sponsored much of his ongoing field research.  The contributions he has made
to the Margaritaville Cafe over the years have been extremely generous and have helped to
bring positive attention to the field of Mixology.  

Dr. Denny is the Dean of the New England University of Mixology's Boston, Massachusetts
campus.  He is currently working on two new books titled, "
Getting It On Like Fu@&ing
Donkey Kong, The Power of Positive Thinking
"  and "AREA 51 On Twenty Dollars a Day."  
CHRISTINA RONDANO as MARION GREATWOODS.  Marion is the daughter of the late
Gardner Greatwoods, who was a global leader in the field of Mixology.  Marion first met
Indiana James when he came to Negril, Jamacia, to study Mixology under the guidance of her
father.   Having received no formal training she was exposed to Mixology by her father.  Her
applied research in the field rivals that of a well trained professor.  After a one year romance,
Indy left Negril and returned to the states to finish his education with a promise to return.  That
promise wouldn't be fulfilled until sixteen years later when an older Indiana James needed the
assistance of Gardner Greatwoods.  Upon arriving in Negril, Indy learned that his hero and
mentor had died and that his daughter, Marion was now the owner of the Greatwoods Saloon
and Grill.        

Marion Greatwoods has often been described as one of the most natural mixologists in the
world.  A world traveler and adventurer herself, Marion has spent the last sixteen years making
a living in sunny Negril, Jamacia.  She has the reputation for being fast on the draw, quick
tempered and always ready for adventure.
   MARK SPINELLI as MELVIN "SALAD" FENDERBURG.  Known to his friends as SALAD,
he has been a long time friend of Indiana James.  Salad first met Indy while attending the The
New England University of Mixology.  One of Indy's best friends and fellow travelers, Salad
decided to study for a semester in Cancun, Mexico.  There, Salad earned his nickname when
he discovered how to extract alcohol from lettuce and mixed greens.  Almost immediately they
immersed themselves in the local culture including the night life and customs.  Salad did so
more than the rest, by falling in love with a young local woman named, Flava.  Salad decided
to stay in Cancun and eventually married his new found love and raise ten sexually
adventurous daughters.  

Salad is currently the owner of several bars and night spots in Cancun.  He is a drinker by
trade and owns one of the largest full service cantinas in all of Mexico.  Salad enjoys
somewhat of a celebrity status with his successful line of drinks and frozen foods such as the
Salad Zone, a 4500 calorie quesadilla made with over twelve different kinds of processed
operating under the assumed surname 'Ticketscalper' but has been known to use many
aliases and identities including 'John "Smithy" Smith', 'Monsignor Alejandro Salvador
DeCordova' and 'Mrs. Mae Nguyen'

Born in 1724, Jack owes his extreme longevity to a healthy diet of rum and salted meats,
various cursed medallions, and a knack for putting others in harm's way rather than himself.

Though a natural and gifted Mixologist, he was thrown out of the Bahamanian College of
Mixology when, at a faculty gathering, he spiked the full strength Long Island Iced Tea with
Ethanol, stating that without it the beverage was a "Sissy drink for sissies".

The Captain now spends his days roaming the seas in search of ever more potent alcohols,
taking time along the way to fleece, embezzle, bamboozle and out right rob whenever and
whomever he can.

Captain Jack has always been a thorn in the side of Indiana James.  Wherever Indy goes,
Captain Jack is usually not far behind.  One of their  most famous battles took place in
Monte Carlo while searching for the Fountain of Youth.  Captain Jack bombarded the Hotel
Monte Cristo with cannon fire, reducing it to gift shop sized pieces and nearly killing Indiana
James.  There are rumors on the Coconut Telegraph that at one time Captain Jack and
Indiana James were friends.  Their feud is legendary in the Mixology world and many have
speculated on what might be the cause of their animosity.  Some say that there is a woman
to blame.  Captain Jack Ticketscalper is still at large.      
    RICHARD MURPHY as COLONEL DIETER.  Colonel Dieter is the head of a rogue
faction of the Police Department known as, The BIKIS (BIKE-EASE).  Colonel Dieter is the
highest ranking police officer next to the Police Chief and does everything by the book.  
Dieter is a ruthless dictator and we can only assume from his demeanor and lack of
happiness that he wasn't hugged as a child and was always picked last to play dodge
ball.  His goal in life is to root out fun and frivolity and squash it with his steel-toed boot.  

Dieter has been tasked with finding and retrieving the Lost Shaker of Salt by any means
necessary.  His orders come directly from the man who is in charge of the BIKIS, the
Police Chief.  

Over the years, Indiana James has had many encounters with the BIKIS and there is no
love loss between the two.  The BIKIS are a highly mobile unit and can be anywhere in
the world at a moments notice.  You can spot them easily by looking for their trademark
white and red striped knee high socks, cargo shorts, and department issued mustache.  

The BIKIS hate fun and anyone who is having it.  If you plan on tailgating, cooking out, or
drinking in public at your favorite rock concert, think it through first.  The BIKIS are
watching and waiting.  
    GREGG "THE GERMAN" SCURKA as TOKE.  Toke first started as a BIKI many
years ago. He rose in rank because of his unorthodox interrogations tactics and his
sociopathic tendencies.  He has a gift for torture and is able to turn household items into
tools to make a person talk.  A self-proclaimed smores-wielding psychopath, Toke enjoys
spending his free time waterboarding his enemies. He is also a champion ballroom dancer
and Canasta player. Toke is more like a military contractor than a uniformed BIKI.  He
uses outside help, including locals, for muscle and influence.  Wherever there is a party,
Toke is there.   Wherever there is a live concert, Toke is there. Wherever there is a firing
line, Toke is there.  He has a knack for showing up when you least expect him and when
you think the coast is clear.

Toke has been tasked with tracking down the Lost Shaker of Salt and will stop at nothing
to achieve his objective.  Toke is impossible to miss due to his hulking stature, his year
round fur coat and consequently his uncontrollable sweating.       
MARIA LOPRESTI as LADY MOLLY.  Lady Molly, who probably had a last name at some
point but has long since forgotten it, started her career as a two bit wench, but after years
of hard work is now a three bit wench.

Life amongst pirates as a bar wench and harlot has instilled in Molly a personality that is a
balanced combination of sweet allure and homicidal killer. There are few people who can
shoot a man's eye out at 300 yards and then serve his brother a pint with a smile like she

She is known to have had dealings with Captain Jack over the years, and the two share the
very definition of a love/hate relationship, coming close to one or the other (or both) being
strangled on more than one occasion . The relationship has also trained her to be quite a
strong swimmer, owing largely to Jack's penchant for stranding her on islands.
   CHRISTINE KOESLER as SELENA.  A highly skilled soldier and Mixologist, SELENA is a
two-fisted fighter and a legend in the world of Mixology.