DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  November 12th, 2010.  Battleship Cove Part DEUX.    
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  October 26th, 2010.  Indiana James goes to Battleship Cove.
The playback on the last take was fantastic.  Thanks to
everyone for hanging out in the cold.  
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  December 24th, 2010.  Merry Christmas.    
    I would like to wish everyone who has been involved with the production of Indiana James a merry Christmas.  I hope all of
you are somewhere warm and happy and are surrounded by friends and loved ones.  If not I hope you are at least drunk.  I can't
help but be reminded on Christmas about one of my top five most influential movies of all time, It's a Wonderful Life.  Jimmy
Stuart plays, George Bailey, a man who struggles in his day to day life to make the right decisions and raise his family while
fending off the evil Mr. Potter.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when George and Mary throw rocks at the Old Granville
House.  They each make a wish and little do they know but at that moment fate has taken over.  Mary wishes to be with George
and he realizes that this is the woman he has been looking for his entire life.  Life is challenging for all of us and finding
something that truly makes you happy can be a difficult search.  When you do find it, hold onto it and cherish it.  Life is too short
and even though we are all busy it would do all of us good to stop every once and a while and throw some rocks.  Don't throw
them at anyone or anything but maybe just make a wish instead.  How about a nice coin fountain?  Throw a rock in there and
make a wish.  Why should we have to break windows?  Now you have destroyed someone else's property, that isn't very
Christmasy.   I hope this Christmas you all get what you asked for and maybe a little something extra.  Turn up the Bing Crosby,
watch Ralphie shoot his eye out, enjoy Clark W. Griswold's profane holiday meltdown and get somebody under the mistletoe.  I
hope you have a wonderful 25th and never stop searching for your Granville house.  Merry Christmas.

Thomas Pimentel      
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  December 31st, 2010.  Happy New Year.    
2010 has come and gone and it has been an incredible year for Dr. James and his friends.  We have met many challenges head
on this year and thanks to the participation of so many loyal and talented people, 2010 has been our most productive year yet.  
We have met so many people along the way and have had the privilege of shooting in some amazing places in and around New
England, many of which have never been on camera before.  Lets take a look back at 2010 with the cast and crew of Indiana

3-30-10  The Twelve Volt Bar.  Shot at TOMB in Boston, Ma.  TOMB was one of the coolest parts of Indiana James. Thanks to
Lucas Kelly we were able to use a physical location that was already dressed to look like an ancient tomb.  With a little extra
movie magic, we were able to turn an Egyptian temple into the Twelve Volt Bar, the holy room used by the ancient Parrotheads to
map out the Well of the Caribbean Souls.
4-26-10  AREA 51.  One of the biggest and most fun moments in Indiana James and definitely a scene that no fan will ever
forget.  Shot at Brookline Moving and Storage in Walpole,MA, our crew shot for two straight days trying to recreate the famous
warehouse from Raiders and Part 4.  Special thanks to Patrick Lundgren, a great business man and friend, whose enthusiasm
for film made it possible for us to shoot at his place of business.  At the AREA 51 scene we welcomed some new faces to the
project.  Actors and stunt people alike: Patrick Keogan,  John Anthony DiGiambattista, Dustin Teuber, Jordan Wilson, and
many more.  The AREA 51 scene is filled with some of the toughest inside jokes ever attempted on screen.  For Indy 4 haters,
the scene is sure to make you smile.  If you thought we would make an Indiana Jones spoof without nuking the fridge, think
5-29-10  A REAL WATERFALL .  Driving 2.5 hours up into Lincoln, New Hampshire with your cast and crew is well worth it in
order to find a REAL 60 waterfall for the opening scene of the movie.   GLEN ELLIS FALLS was the site for one of the most
iconic moments in Indiana James.  Standing below the massive waterfall was incredible but being able to lash out with my 12
foot bull whip was even better.  A long trip for an amazing pay off.   This scene also Introduces Dustin Teuber as Corona.
    6-1-10  CAPTAIN JACK & LADY MOLLY.  After months of excitement and hype Indiana James cast and crew finally had the
pleasure of working with two of the biggest stars of the movie.  Captain Jack Ticketscalper and Lady Molly made their first
appearance on screen and did not disappoint.    From the first time we called action they stole the show and have stolen every
scene since.  Michael LoPresti and his wife Maria LoPresti are the talented pair that bring our villainous pirates to life.  They
bring years of experience with them and their professionalism and natural acting abilities come across in every scene.   
    6-19-10  FORMIDABLE SHOOT PART II.  Our second shoot aboard the pirate Ship, FORMIDABLE, and with Dave LeTendre,
Luke Chapdelaine and an entire crew of pirates we set out on the ocean to capture some of the greatest footage for the movie.  
Shooting from the crow's nest of a Boston Whaler we captured a series of moving shots of the Formidable out at sea to be
used in several key scenes in the film.  Special thanks to Captain Russ Tryder and his crew.  
    7-17-10  The MAYAN TEMPLE.  Who can forget the Friday night in July when we all trekked out to Salisbury, Massachusetts
to honor the Tiki God at an abandoned Mayan Temple?  I wish I could.  Six hours of set up and five hours of rain combined with
thunder and lightning made for one of the most difficult shoots yet.  We didn't shoot a single frame until well after midnight and
then raced to beat the sunrise.  We had some of the most dedicated actors and crew with us and that is what saved the shoot
that night.  The Temple scene was the debut of actor/Indiana James biographer Richard Murphy.  
    10-25-10  BATTLESHIP COVE.  Two of the biggest shoot days we have ever encountered.  With a cast and crew of over 80
people, we shot on three separate Navy ships including a submarine, a Russian missile ship, and the U.S.S. Joseph P.
Kennedy.  Special thanks to Brad King, who gave us his blessing and enthusiasm during the shoot.  This date also marked the
first time that we had met writer/fan/marketing guru Mitchell Hallock.  Mitchell showed up and recorded amazing interviews for
the Indy cast that helped to put us into the forefront of Indiana Jones movie makers. The Battleship Cove scenes are some of
the most impressive footage in the web series and we can't wait until the fans can see it for themselves.  
12-31-10  New Year's Eve.  With the dawn of the New year almost upon us I am happier than I have ever been while working on
this project.  I feel like after all of this time we have finally hit our stride and are making some major achievements in individuals
that I have ever met.  I know that 2011 will be a very busy year for us.  As we get closer to completing Indiana James, it is my
hope that the movie will be one of the biggest surprises in the Indy film world because of its story, scale, and heart.  There is
nothing that we can't accomplish and by working together we are building the foundation for more movies to come.  I hope all
of you have a happy and healthy New Year and I can't wait to see you on the set in 2011, the year of Indiana James.  

So, in the words of my mentor and friend, Dr. Gardner Greatwoods, "Here's to you, here's to me, the best of friends we'll always
be.  If we shall ever disagree; FUCK YOU! Here's to me!"  Happy New Year.

Thomas Pimentel
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  February 11th, 2011.  TNT's favorite Piratical Pair.    
Congratulations to Michael and Maria LoPresti for the great article written about them in the Melrose Free
Press!  Michael and Maria play the bickering piratical pair in the 2011 feature, INDIANA JAMES and the
RAIDERS of the LOST SHAKER of SALT.  I have had the pleasure of knowing these two talented actors for a
few years now and  I can tell you that their contribution to the movie is staggering.  The addition of Maria's
character, LADY MOLLY, to the script, I feel, elevates Michael's performance.  Every time we shoot, they are
both extremely well prepared, always know their lines and are able to adjust to any changes on the fly.  In
INDIANA JAMES, Michael is playing a pirate called, CAPTAIN JACK TICKETSCALPER, who is the arch rival
of DR. INDIANA JAMES.  Throughout the movie, CAPTAIN JACK and LADY MOLLY try their best to harass,
intimidate, and derail DR. JAMES during his search for the Salt Shaker.    I have been editing for months now
and believe me when I tell you that the two of them truly deserve the title of Pirate because Michael and Maria
steal every scene that they are in.  Everyone in the cast and crew enjoy working with them and appreciate
their hard work and dedication to their craft.  INDIANA JAMES has been in production since 2004 and their
addition to our crew has made this a truly lovely cruise.  Congrats.

Thomas Pimentel
LoPresti began moonlighting as Sparrow shortly after the second film in the franchise, “Pirates of the
Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” was released in 2006. He has since expanded his business to include his wife,
Maria, an actress who plays the part of “Lady Molly” — a “pirate wench” — as well as two men who play
“pirate villains,” during parties and gatherings.

LoPresti believes children are drawn to the “action-oriented” nature of pirates, but like adults, they tend to
overlook the distasteful aspects of life on the high seas, a fact that has made pirates a figure of lore for
“This is one of the tricks of doing children’s parties with pirates,” LoPresti explained. “They kind-of like the
romanticism about it. It’s the same reason that adults like the books and movies. It’s fun to watch, and it’s
exciting, but you don’t get into the details of what the pirates actually did ... you do the fantasy version of
pirates, and it’s kind of fun. It’s that element of losing yourself.”

To read the entire story click on the link below to be redirected to the Melrose Free Press page.
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  February 22nd, 2011.
Pirates, rum, a freezing cold damsel in distress, a Frasian waiter and Dr. James.  It must be a shoot day.    
Special thanks to Coastal Extreme Brewing for allowing
us to use THOMAS TEW rum in our movie.  Special
thanks to Laura, from Coastal Extreme Brewing for
being so accommodating on such short notice.
  February 19th, 2011 started no different from most shoots on Indiana James, it was
early, it was freezing, and I was sleep deprived.  Quoting a member of the Scott
Brown campaign, "We are freezin for a reason."  The day before the shoot, I was
accompanied by Lightning Luke Chapdelaine and Mark Spinelli, who were once again
charged with building another tiki inspired set for Indiana James.  The problem was,
the building had lost power due to high winds blowing through North Chelmsford.  
Around 1:30 pm we finally had juice and with our flux capacitors fluxing, we began
building CAPTAIN JACK TICKETSCALPER's personal Cancun hideaway.  We finished
up around 11 pm and headed back home to complete the preparations for the
Sunday shoot.  Would the building have power?  Would everyone show up?  How
much rum can a director drink before it becomes a problem?  These were questions
we had to ask ourselves.  

February, 20th, 2011.  Shoot day.  
On display for the TNT crew was Michael LoPresti as the one and only, CAPTAIN JACK
TICKETSCALPER.  Michael dove in right away and delivered an exceptional
performance while ad-libbing some of the funniest moments of the movie.  
Alongside CAPTAIN JACK as always was, LADY MOLLY, played by Maria LoPresti.     
Maria was more than willing to unleash her drunken Kraken on an unsuspecting CAPTAIN JACK TICKETSCALPER, who once again was up to
no good.  Along with our two favorite Pirates came some muscle in the form of Gregg "The German" Scurka as the collapsible weapon
wielding BIKI enforcer, TOKE.  Richard Murphy oversaw the brutality from behind a mustached face and mirrored sunglasses as he reprised
his role of the head BIKI, Colonel DIETER.   Everyone was in rare form and the scenes came out better than I had anticipated.  The set was so
cool and because of that I think the actors were able to be more comfortable with each other and really get into their characters.  Speaking
of actors being comfortable, let me tell you about our leading lady.  Christina Rondano, who plays MARION GREATWOODS, walked onto set
last Sunday and once again found herself wearing inexplicable womens' fashions, tied to a post, gagged, and freezing her UGGs off.  Sweet
Tiki God do I love making movies.  Christina worked through the sand in her mouth, the cold, and a constant barrage of innuendos that only
a thick skinned Marine would be able to shrug off.  She gave a tremendous performance and the moment she comes into contact with
CAPTAIN JACK TICKETSCALPER, her performance begins to shine.  Michael and Christina played so well off one another.  They began to layer
the scene with ad libs and actions that ended up becoming an essential part of the scenes.  I found myself in the throws of a five minute
laughing fit from which it wasn't easy to recover.  Watching my actors work was truly a joy to witness.

The TNT Crew was rock solid as always.  Chris Williams, our Director of Digitography was there.  He made the entire day much less stressful
for me knowing that we were on the same page.  Thanks again to Chris Williams for being so dedicated and professional.  As long as you
don't put him up in a bucket truck he is a happy camper.  Thanks to Andrew Shanley for making some time for TNT and a special thank to
Megan Grew for feeding the entire cast but most importantly for keeping me on schedule, on point, and happy to shoot all day long.  I love
you.  Mr. French, Mark Spinelli, was working hard trying to keep everyone moving and enjoy the day all at once.  Thank you for the long
hours, sacrifice and willingess to take a pie in the face.  You're aces mate.  Lightning Luke Chapdelaine worked his ass off and I would not
have been able to get the set finished without him.  Fact, boom, stamp it.  Luke also was able to slip on the BIKI short shorts and get in on
the action.  Keep an eye out for Luke and Dave's shadow puppet work.  Beautiful.

Our shoot was a success and I am looking forward to editing the footage a.s.a.p.  I truly believe that this is some of our best work yet and
made braving the cold worth while.  People have already responded to the photos on Facebook.  It is incredible to watch people respond to
what you are all working so hard to create.  Thank you for your time, patience, dedication, and passion.  Looking forward to the next shoot
day.  Hopefully it will be warmer.  Oh and Luke, make sure you bring Chrissy's gag.  Phinz Up!

Thomas Pimentel          
and Christina Rondano as MARION GREATWOODS
pose for a shameless rum advertisement on the set of
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  May 6th, 2011.
Three things that make me feel sexy.  A fake mustache, a mini skirt and a rocket launcher.  
    Many directors go to film school in hopes that one day they can get behind the camera and direct a big budget movie
in Hollywood.  Many young film makers believe that a director sits in a chair off camera and watches the action unfold via
a bank of color monitors and under the protective shade of a tent.    These are some of the things that I was reflecting
on while I was standing on the top of a mountain in Grafton, New Hampshire, on Sunday May 1st.  I was also trying to
steady my rocket launcher on my shoulder, not screw up my lines, and still look classy in my mini skirt.  I doubt very much
if this sort of thing is ever explained in film school.  I doubt if much of what TNT accomplished last Sunday could ever be
As most of our shoot days start out, this one was early.  The shoot took place at Ruggles Mine in Grafton, New Hampshire
and as of right now, has been the longest drive that our cast and crew has had to endure.  One thing that we had on our
side that day was the weather.  It was sunny and cool and probably in the neighborhood of sixty degrees.  The sun was
out and everyone that was there went home with a souvenir sunburn.  You're welcome.  Everyone was happy to finally
be back to Ruggles, considering that the last time we were here in November almost half of us ended up in serious
accidents.  My cameraman, Chris Williams, fell on ice and cut open both his hands; Matt Brown had a car accident; and
Dave LeTendre witnessed a young woman flip her car over while attempting to smuggle fruit and produce into Kansas
and fleeing her abusive boy friend.  No bullshit.  

Some thanks are in order.

Lightning Luke.  The oldest 21 year old I know and the fastest bagger in the land.  Your continued dedication to the
movie does not go unnoticed and we are all better off for having you with us.

Megan Grew.  My world.  Thank you for your constant physical and mental support.  Without you I am an empty
warehouse.  Without you there is no fire in my work.  I love you.

Mom and Dad.  The two of you continue to work like a pair of Terminators and seem to have an unlimited supply of
energy and passion for my work.  Without your love, there is no me and without me there would be many more trips to
Bradenton.  I love you both.

Chris Williams.  Our savior.  Thank you for professionalism and the ability to wave a red flag when something is wrong.  
Thank you for your eye and sense of story.  Without you the audience would be bored.   Because of you we all hide our

Michael Lopresti.  The best Jack Sparrow ever.  I would put you up against the best in the world.  You are talented
beyond words and one of the best things that ever happened to Indiana James.  You are a joy to work with and a
passionate actor who is fiercely loyal to character and iconography.  You're a diamond mate.

Richard Murphy.  Thank you for putting up with us young punks and always being prepared.  Your Dieter keeps me
laughing all through the editing process and I can't wait to unleash it on the world.  Thank you for your coverage and
words of encouragement.  We are in the hands of a Saint Anselm's graduate and we couldn't be more safe.

Gregg 'The German" Scurka.  Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice with family and friends.  You are the hardest
working dad in show business.  Thanks for being so damn reliable.  And being so creepy.  We love it.

Christina Rondano.  My Marion.  You have been doing this for quite a while and have rode the ups and downs.  In this
long struggle to complete Indiana James you have been challenged both mentally and especially physically and have
taken it all in stride.  Last Sunday however, you reminded us of that girl who shot the Greatwoods bar scene in the
Benecchi's basement that had fire in here eyes and a spring in her step.  TNT will always support you and do anything for
our leading lady.  This role was always yours and we are so glad to see you step back into it with such tenacity and
comfort.  You are Marion Greatwoods and you have earned it.     

My production crew worked so hard to make the day possible and even days before to get us where we needed to be.  
Mark Spinelli and Luke Chapdelaine put in some ridiculously long nights prior to the shoot date and we finished
preparations for Sunday's shoot at 3am that same morning.       They are machines and they are fueled by the knowledge
that Indiana James is a funny, action packed, original, comedy that is going to take the indy film community by total
surprise.  I am so thankful for everyone's participation and dedication to the project and the willingness of all involved
to sacrifice time and wages to complete our goal.  We are over the hump and what we have left is going to be
memorable for all of us and the adventure of a lifetime.  The Indiana Jones films represent the true spirit of action and
adventure and I believe that we have captured that same spirit and put it on screen.  I look forward to the rest of our
production and please know that I am hard at work editing, designing, and marketing our baby so we can share it with
movie goers around the world.    I can't wait until the next time we can call action on Indiana James.  Until then, Phinz up!

Thomas Pimentel  
The flipped over vehicle.  You can see the
fruit and produce in the windows.
    Needless to say, we were all happy that the weather was on our side and everyone that had shown up ready and
eager to shoot the long awaited Salt Shaker trek scene.  Dave LeTendre arrived up once again with a car load of
talented actors whom we have become quite fond of over the past few months.  Kesa Lynch, Eduardo Casella,
Christine Koesler, Matt Brown, Jordan Wilson, Rob Gateas and others, were on hand to play our favorite mustached
militia, The Bikis.  The day was pretty smooth and Chris Williams and Dave LeTendre wasted no time getting our
actors into position and getting off our first shots of the day.  We shot several scenes in the larger part of the mine
and then moved on to the sequence when Indy threatens to blow up the Salt Shaker with a rocket launcher.  The
multi talented, Michael LoPresti was in rare form as he rattled off machine gun style dialog in his best Captain Jack.  
Richard Murphy took a few jabs at Indy while trying not to melt in the sun.  Gregg "The German" Scurka dabbed his
forehead while looking cool in his white fur coat.  Indy's leading lady, Christina Rondano, was back in top form
playing the distressing damsel, Marion Greatwoods.  Everything clicked on Sunday and the laughs were in all of the
right places.  With a little extra ad-libbing here and there the scene was finished and we could begin the process of
making the long drive home.  I left Ruggles Mine with an incredible sense of accomplishment.  Ruggles presented
our team with one of the most challenging locations of the shoot and we could proudly put it to our stern.          
DIRECTOR'S BLOG:  September 24th and 25th, 2011.
Golf carts, volleyball, the Buffett Bus, sand spiders, and over sixty extras in bathing suits.
There's only one question, "Where are my firebird keys?"  
Once upon a time I had the bright idea of recreating the opening scene of Indiana Jones.  I thought it might be fun and at the time had no
idea what would happen after I completed it.  That was 2005.  Fast forward to September 24th, 2011 at 2am and I am wide awake staring at
the ceiling, listening to the rain outside that has been pulverizing the earth all night long.  The night before a shoot is always filled with
anxiety but back to back shooting days are even more hectic.  We tried to push through another summer and complete as much of the
movie as we could but as usual because of time, scheduling and the occasional bits of bullshit, we found ourselves back in September and
scrambling for calendar space.  Waking up on Saturday morning I found myself smacked in the face by the 60 degree temp outside and the
low lying fog hovering near the hedges on Bromfield Road.  This would be great weather if I was shooting a low budget horror movie and
needed ghoulish like conditions.  Unfortunately, I am making a movie that calls for sun and blue sky and possibly both.  I set my alarm clock
for 6am, but apparently Mr. Murphy set his for 5.  Production status: SNAFU.  

I drove towards Newmarket, New Hampshire and as I closed in on the Granite State it seemed as if the fog was lifting.  What was that up
ahead?  Could it be?  The sun?  Holy shit!  The sun was actually trying to peek out and hopefully dry up some of the waterlogged sand that
we now called base camp.  Pulling into the Sand Pit I found my team ready and willing to get to work.  Mark Spinelli was there with donuts in
hand and Lighting Luke with knife in hand.  Dave Letendre, The Mighty Matt Brown, Eduardo Casella, Christine Koesler, Lucas Silveira,
Kesa Lynch, and Stephanie Ruiz were all standing by and waiting for orders.  The group snapped into action and began the task of dressing
the set and completing some minor and major tasks before the actors showed up.   The people that we are working with are hands down
the most tenacious and enthusiastic group ever.  I am finally able to delegate tasks to other people and know that they will get done
properly.  If they are not, it is Luke's fault anyway.  

The BIKIS slipped into their shorty-shorts and slapped on their mustaches and prepared to sweat and get sandy in all the wrong places.  
The shoot on Saturday turned out to be one of the most successful shoots in a long time.  We completed 14 scenes and a major chunk of
the middle part of Indiana James.  Thank you.

As I strapped on the steady cam and got ready to shoot our first scene, I took a moment to thank the Tiki God for the blue sky, calm winds,
and the ability to create.  It was a great day to make a movie.  I was surrounded by my friends and like minded individuals who share a
passion for movies.  This is what it is all about.  I snapped out of my trance and focused on the task at hand.  We had to keep things moving,
we had to start rolling.  After all, somewhere in Connecticut, Mitchell Hallock was thinking to himself, "When the hell is Indiana James going
to be finished and should I take the left or the right tunnel?"   With that in mind we surged forward and shot a few scenes with Christina
Rondano, Richard Murphy, Michael LoPresti, Maria LoPresti, Gregg Scurka, and 50 extras.  Our people worked fast and the weather held off
as well.  Chris and Howie Hoff, owners of the Buffett Bus, quickly snapped into action. We completed a series of shots with the BUFFETT
BUS and some BIKIS who managed to crash their golf carts into just about anything.  It looked great.  Mala Tyler was there once again, and
she was riding Mr. Dee.  Despite his aging legs, Mr. Dee turned in another convincing performance as Indy's horse.  Mala continued to trick
the audience into thinking that Indiana James has a great looking ass.  People were talking.  Whatever puts them in the seats Mala.  Thank
you once again.        


Lightning Luke.  You started off as young punk bagging my groceries and now look at you.  My little boy is all grownz up and he's all grownz
up.  (Swingers, dummy).  Thank you for staying up for 80 hours.  That's right folks, 80 hours.  Thank you for dealing with fools (not at our
shoot) and never leaving me behind.  You are tenacious and so detailed orientated.  You learned how to use the steady cam because you
had to and you did it well.  I realize that you gave up your dream of dancing professionally in order to finish this movie but lets face it, you
look like shit in a unitard.  We have photos.  Thank you for all of your help behind the scenes and during the week.  Now go bag my fu$%ing

Christine Koesler.  A natural leader but not a natural blonde.  Thank the Tiki God.  There is nothing better than seeing a person enjoying
themselves no matter what they are doing.  Your energy is contagious and we are always honored to have you on the set.  Thank you.  Or
should I say Danke Schoen.   

Aaron Baker.  Thank you for your time and talent.  The pictures were amazing as always and we now have a visual record of the amazing
journey that is Indiana James.  You rock.

Dustin Tueber.  The "D" Man.  Thank you for always showing up on time and ready to work.  You are a great kid and a hard worker.  Your
acting talents and ability to improv do not go unnoticed.  We have big plans for you in the future but if you get a better offer I strongly
suggest getting as far away from us as possible.  Thank you.

Mr. Brown.  Do I have to say his name?  Do I have to speak his name?  The man, the myth, the mighty Mr. Brown.  (Springsteen, for all those
of you who were born in 1994).  A kid who loves movies and learning while he works.  Thanks for the questions and the kind words.  I never
had anyone help me when I first started making movies and I am more than willing to share my wisdom, or whatever you want to call it.  You
are a talented and hard worker.  We grew up in different generations.  I looked up to Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford and you are
influenced by Adam Sandler.  Whoever inspires you is okay as long as you aspire to be your own man.  Calm down, that was from a fortune

The HOFF BROTHERS.  The dynamic duo who locked themselves in a garage with power tools, welding equipment, and several kegs of
beer and when they emerged had unleashed the BUFFETT BUS on the world.  It has never been the same since.  I remember seeing the
Buffett Bus in the parking lot of Greatwoods every year and also remember meeting the Hoffs for the first time.  They changed the entire
script in an instant.  We have been fast friends ever since and their continued efforts to improve, design and collaborate on their creation
speaks volumes about their passion.  We all appreciate what you have done for us and continue to do for us.  You are both like MacGyver
if he drank a lot and wore flowered shirts instead of a leather jacket.  Plus, neither one of you has a Canadian inspired mullet and we thank
you for that.  You both do what you do because you love the action.  The thrill of design and creativity.  That is why we all get along so well.  
That and all the weed.  We love you guys and we thank you for the best fucking bus in movie history.  

WAYNE & JANICE ROSA.  Thank you for letting us use your property to complete one of the biggest scenes in our movie.  You opened up
your business to tons of extras and vehicles and did it all with a smile.  You are a rare breed.  Thank you for entrusting us with your
property and extending the hand of friendship.  I only wish that the first time I met Wayne wasn't after I had sank a 26 foot truck into his
sand pit.  Thank you for rescuing me Wayne.  We look forward to working with you again and please know that everyone at TNT is in your

Eduardo Casella.  My head greens keeper.  The sand in Newmarket never looked so clean.  I didn't know you could power wash gravel but
you did it.  Thank you for your muscle and hard work.  You are a natural 1st, 2nd, or 3rd A.D.  I appreciate all of your time spent prepping our
shoots and keeping the crowds interested and focused.  P.S. You destroyed the porta potty.   

Mom and Dad.  Even in Florida I can feel your hands on my shoulder and eyes on my efforts.  You are my biggest fans and my true idols.  
Next to you two, Harrison Ford is just a quarter Jewish carpenter who caught a break making a series of successful space westerns in my
book.  I love you and the shoots are never the same without you.

Megan.  My girl.  The girl with the golden spatula.  "What did you do with your law degree this weekend?" "I drove up to Newmarket, N.H.,
and flipped burgers and dogs for 70 seventy people."  When I am stressed you calm my down.  When I am defeated you build me back up.  
When I think it is hopeless you make me feel like I can move mountains.  Your passion for my passion is indescribable.  I would live 1000
life times all over again if it meant having you in my world.  Forty years from now, when I look back on a long career of making movies,
someone will ask me what my biggest achievement in movies has been.  I will proudly reply, "Movies are my passion but when you find
someone who is more important than making them, then that is truly an achievement."  I love you Bug.   

Chris Williams.  We missed you Fritz but without you we would not have been able to secure one of the most important locations of the
movie.  Thank you.  Your blue jeans are waiting.

Michael LoPresti.  You are punctual, professional and piratical.  The triple threat.  Thank you for always being prepared and ready to take
the script off the edges of the map.  You add a level of excitement to the shoot as soon as you step onto the set.  Everyone looks forward
to working with you and I hope some day we will be able to sit down and hang up our hats and hang out for ten minutes.  Can't wait to show
the world our Captain Jack.

Maria LoPresti.  Lady Molly, you are devastating as always.  Thank you so much for being prepared and having such enthusiasm for your
work.  It is such a thrill for me to see you and Michael standing in front of my camera because I know you are going to give me gold.  Which
is ironic because you are normally stealing it.  (Because they are pirates Luke.  Pay attention!)  You are all part of the biggest movie I have
ever created and it is because of people like you.  You inspire me to write new scenes and explore on set and I thank you for that creative
inspiration.  I look forward to being shot by you in the future.  Thank you.    

Richard Murphy.  If there was a prize for having the oldest balls on a movie set you would be the winner.  Wear that honor proudly my
friend.  You are the master and we all love having you on set.  You tackle one of the most ridiculous characters in movie history with total
professionalism and pride.  Sniffing glue in between takes probably helps.  Whatever it is you are doing makes me happy and your
continued dedication to Indiana James makes me burst with pride.  We are honored to have you and look forward to the day when we say,
"who was that old guy in our movie?"  Saint Anselm would be proud.  I think.  P.S. I got your post card from Argentina.  Looks like you are
having fun.

Gregg "The German" Scurka.  Thank you for never letting us down, knowing all of your lines and making it look okay to wear a fur coat in
the heat.  After the movie comes out it is going to start a new summer fashion trend.  I am working on a line of furry, sleeveless vests for
men called "Gruggs".  (TM)  We will work out the details.  Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and dedication to Indy.  P.S. I need
butter, eggs, and milk.

Christina Rondano.  Hello Marion.  Thank you for driving so far to hang out and shoot only a few seconds.  We all love seeing you and
having you on the set.  You are one of the few who can pull off a backless dress in Newmarket, New Hampshire.  Although, Luke was seen
wearing front-less golf shorts late Sunday evening.  We can't wait to get you back to the sand pit and throw you in a freshly dug hole.  You

Lucas Silveria.  Thank you for all of your hard work and willingness to learn and stay late.  You are a great kid and a true asset to the
production.  Thank you.

Stephanie Ruiz.  You put up with quite a bit from fools all weekend long but you took it all in stride.  You are a hard worker and we certainly
could not have done it without you.  Especially the whole bikini scene.  We can only see Eduardo's ass crack on camera once every ten
years.  Thank you.

Monica Todros.  Thank you for looking great in a handle bar mustache.  Not many young ladies can pull it off with high knee socks but you
continue to do both.  Thank you.

Amber Howington.  Making home movies is exactly where you need to start.  Never put the camera down and no matter how small the
movie always treat it like it is the biggest one you will ever make.  Your behind the scenes footage was great and helped us a lot.  You
have a 24/7 pass to hang out whenever you want.  We look forward to seeing more footage shot by Amber Howington.   Thank you.

Ian McLindon.  A new face to TNT who showed up ready to play.  Ian jumped in with both feet and turned out to be a stand out.  Ian was able
to transfer from a moving golf cart onto the moving Buffett Bus with little effort.  Ian is going to be a great asset to TNT and we look forward
to seeing him again.  P.S. Mark please give Ian back his ninja stars.

My production crew worked so hard to make the day possible.  Everyone put in long hours and drove long distances for two days in a row.  
Everyone worked together and pulled off two more amazing shoot days.  I am so thankful for everyone's participation and dedication to the
project and the willingness of all involved to sacrifice time and wages to complete our goal.  I can't wait until our next shoot and hope that
all of you will come back to Newmarket.  Until then, get some rest and we will see you on the set.  Phinz up!

Thomas Pimentel  
The Lord of War
MICHAEL LOPRESTI as Captain Jack Ticketscalper.  CHRISTINA RONDANO as Marion Greatwoods.
On Sunday November 7th the cast and crew of Indiana James returned to Battleship Cove in Fall river,
Massachusetts to complete three major scenes that were started two weeks prior.  With a lot less people in
tow, we made our way down to the cove at a much more reasonable hour and set up shop again.  Our day
started off with a pick up shot inside the U.S.S. Lionfish, submarine and then moved back onto the Joseph
P. Kennedy.  We shot the scene with Indy hiding inside a smoke stack on the ship and moved inside the
bridge.  KESA LYNCH was back again and was fantastic as the pot-smoking Captain Lastmango.  With that
scene completed we moved below deck and shot the scene where Marion is rounded up by the BIKIS and
shoved into the hallway.  In Indiana James the plot is slightly different.  In our movie Marion is the one doing
the shoving and CHRISTINA RONDANO scares the mustache off of one would be attacker.  Very funny.   
Thanks to PETE J. CIANI for reprising his role as a BIKI and taking several for the team.  I hope your back is
okay.  With the watchful eyes of CHRIS WILLIAMS we moved onto a complicated night scene involving a
dozen extras, a twenty foot dolly track, donuts, a kiss on the lips and a smack in the face.  All of this having
to be done in one long take made it all the more challenging.  CHRISTINA RONDANO was a trooper once
again and stood in the 40 degree wind wearing practically nothing and never missed a line or a cue.  We had
an amazing group of extras who came back for more abuse and they were excellent to work with.  Special
thanks to BRAD KING for your permission and input.  Also, JOHN DEWHURST for scaring the straights and
for giving us unexploded ordnance.  ANDREW SHANLEY for the behind the scenes coverage and LT. KEN
PREBLE for checking up on us and trusting us with pieces of living history.     

The scene came out great and I have already cut the scenes together.  I am very pleased with what we
accomplished at Battleship cove and it was a monumental task.  I am very happy that is behind us and we
can now move onto bigger and better things.  

Thomas Pimentel
On Sunday October 24th the cast and crew of Indiana James set out on one of our biggest adventures so
far.  We took the production to Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts for an extended day of
shooting.  The day would not have been possible without the cooperation of the city of Fall River, the crew
of Battleship Cove and BRAD KING, their Executive Director.  BRAD KING is one of the coolest guys that I
have met working on Indiana James.  He hails from England and has direct connections to the crew of the
first three Indiana Jones movies, Star Wars, and many more.  BRAD is a film fan and a geek and I have the
e-mails to prove it.  With his extensive working knowledge of the film industry it was so easy for us to
explain to him what we wanted to achieve and he and his entire crew welcomed us with open arms.  Thank
you BRAD for all that you did to make the shoot possible.

We had one of the most incredible turnouts for extras' casting that we have ever had since starting this
movie.  Thanks to Executive Producer and star of Indiana James, DAVE LETENDRE, who hooked us up
with John Robert Powers and New England Model Group. Because of him,  we had over sixty extras
involved in our scene.  Speaking of extras' casting, many of you who had intended on showing up for the
shoot drove quite long distances to get to Fall River. Unfortunately, when you arrived, you learned that you
could not get inside.  Allow us to explain.  The Friday before the shoot a newspaper article was written
about the movie and explained that we would be shooting at Battleship Cove.  The purpose of the article
was to only bring attention to the individuals and organizations that were making the day possible.  The
article in no way was supposed to be a casting call.  The writer added information taken from our website
and used it as the main part of his story.  I received a phone call from BRAD KING, the Executive Director of
Battleship Cove, who was frantic about the potential of being overrun by everyone who read that story and
we were in danger of not being able to shoot our scene.  After trying to secure this location for over a year
and a half we could not afford to have the scene stopped.  We let in as many extras as we could handle and
then were forced to refuse entry to anyone else.  I am very sorry that not everyone was able to get into the
shoot.  I am more sorry for our friend and actor, DUSTIN TEUBER, who had the task of turning you away.
DUSTIN, thank you for taking on this difficult and uncomfortable task.  I have heard stories that people were
not very nice to him and that makes me sad.  You should all be mad at me and if I could be in ten places at
once I would have been at the front gate shaking your hands and apologizing to your faces.  Unfortunately,
in movie making not everything works as  planned and this is the result.  I hope the experience did not turn
you off from being an extra in future productions for Indiana James.  

I have the good fortune of being surrounded by some of the most dedicated cast and crew I could ever
imagine.  I would not have been able to shoot frame one without these individuals and their continued
involvement in the production never ceases to amaze me.  CHRIS WILLIAMS, our Director of Digitography,
who drives down from New Hampshire for all of our shoots, once again added his amazing eye and
attention to detail that makes it so easy for me to be able to focus on my actors and their performance.  
DAVE LETENDRE, Executive Producer and Actor,  single handedly filled an entire U.S. Navy ship with
extras that not only were enthusiastic but also were great actors and well mannered people.  Thanks to
ANDREW SHANLEY who was present at the shoot as always.  LIGHTNING LUKE CHAPDELAINE, who
shows up for every shoot and takes care of every problem and concern and never complains.  After scaling
a thirty foot ladder and climbing out onto a gantry, he affixed a rope and pulley needed to hoist the Salt
Shaker high above the deck.  Just another day at the office for LIGHTNING LUKE.  MARK SPINELLI, my very
own Mr. French who is with me every step of the way and is able to anticipate  my moves before I even ask.  
I know that it breaks his heart to leave his ever growing family. He is able to do it however, because of the
love and unwavering support of his wife, Jen.  Of course I wouldn't be able to dream any of this without the
steadfast love and support from my two Original Producers, LARRY and CHRIS PIMENTEL.  Just shy of
retirement and his 65th birthday my father makes every journey to our locations and lends not only his
physical support but also the personal support needed to get through the long days.  Beside him as always
is the reason why I do what I do, my mother CHRIS.  Setting up wardrobe, catering and filling out talent
releases is not in every mother's job description but she has become quite good at it.  My mother knows the
difference between an MP40 and an MP5.  She knows what side Indy wears his whip on and the importance
of reloading during an action scene.  She does it all. Without the support of my mom and dad, I would be
lost.  Thank you mom and dad.  I love you.  Speaking of love, no production company would be complete
without a high priced, war time consigliere and that is my girl, MEGAN M. GREW, ESQUIRE.  My best friend,
Megan, has given me more than I can imagine and when the movie gets me frustrated, stressed, and
physically beaten, she makes everything okay.  It doesn't matter what happens during the day or how bad
things could go wrong because, at the end of the day, I still have my Meg.  I love you.

Sunday's shoot was fairly normal for us and as always we were in the presence of Pirates, Damsels and
BIKIS.  On set once again was the fabulous and freezing, CHRISTINA RONDANO.  Dressed in inexplicable
women's fashions, she charged ahead and battled the BIKIS and the elements to pull off another great
performance.  Thanks for making the trip Chrissy and I am sorry about the wait.  In the clutches of the villain
is where no person likes to find themselves especially when it is the mustache wearing RICHARD MURPHY.  
Special thanks to RICHARD for not only acting for us but also documenting the day for the  
GREGG "THE GERMAN" SCURKA was on set once again and even though he didn't have any lines to
memorize, his presence was felt and we are always happy when GREG is around.  What would a shoot day
be without the multi-talented LOPRESTI family.  MICHAEL LOPRESTI brought his CAPTAIN JACK
TICKETSCALPER to Fall River with full force and was not only an amazing personality on screen but off as
well.  With him as always was the lovely and dangerous LADY MOLLY played by MARIA LOPRESTI.  Our pair
of pirates shine in every scene and always show up prepared and ready to work.  We love you guys.  On the
set for the first were two new comers to TNT. Playing CAPTAIN LASTMANGO and CHOCOLATE MOOSE
were  KESA LYNCH and RICHARD DINKINS.  Great job guys. You rock.  To all of our extras that drove long
distances and suffered through the cold weather I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I could not have
pulled off the shoot without you.  I hope you had some fun and look forward to working with you again in
the future. Thanks to all of you for you dedication and passion!

The TNT crew had the distinct honor and privilege of finally meeting one of the most hardcore Indiana
Jones fans in the world.  MITCHELL A. HALLOCK, from the world famous INDY CAST, made the drive up
from Connecticut with his son OWEN to see just who Indiana James is and what he is all about.  MITCHELL
is an author, marketing guru, full time contributor to such websites as;
the, the Force Cast, and
many more.  He is also the founder of Comic Conn, one of the largest comic book conventions on the East
Coast.  MITCHELL came down and got to meet the guys and girls behind Indiana James and fit in perfectly.  
We discussed Indy; the future of the franchise; our hatred of KOTCS; and the importance of ABE VIGODA
and wearing pants.  MITCHELL even got in on the action and we worked in a cameo that will be sure to
please the hardcore SPIELBERG fans.  Thanks so much MITCHELL, we enjoyed having you on the set and
we hope to see more of you in the future.       

Special thanks to the crew members of BATTLESHIP COVE including John and Bob.  Special thanks to
LAURIE BUCKLEY, who took some truly amazing photographs, and to the young and talented ADAM
LETENDRE, who has found his calling in the production side of the business.   Thanks also to MATT
WHORF and DAN SHENETT.          

Thomas Pimentel
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