One of the most imprtant aspects of production are props and wardrobe.  When working on a restricted budget it is often difficult to obtain the right
equipment to make your story convincing.  I pride myself on an exacting attention to detail when it comes to wardrobe and props.  With a variety of
custom wardrobe and equipment totaling over $350,000.00, it is safe to say if you need it we've got it.  Our wardrobe selection includes military dress
uniforms, tactical equipment for SWAT teams and special forces.  Military BDUs, all colors.  Hats, gloves, goggles, pouches, holsters, knives, non-firing
weapons and blank-firing weapons.  Boots, all sizes and styles, coats, shirts, pants, masks, glasses, fake beards, helmets, etc., etc.  We also carry a large
variety of clothing including leather jackets, men's and women's suits, shoes, boots and hats.  And if we don't have it we can get it.  That is guaranteed.