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1. courses held during school summer
vacations, taken as part of an academic
program, or for professional or personal
purposes.  sumerzcool is often a time
when students can blossom socially while
making poor decisions.    
The New England University of Mixology
is constantly enrolling for the summer
session.  Sign up now online and be sure
to check out all of the courses that we
have available.  

Summer internships can be requested on
the Lido Deck between the hours of 11:30
am and 1:15 pm on every other
Wednesday before April.

Make sure to have your NEUOM Mentor
sign off on any overseas excursions
before filing for intern status.  

Internship Happy Hour Mixers are held
every night from 6-7 in Stanton Hall
End of the year butt new beginnings.
Snow sucks.  Sun rules.     
Take a full load of classes this summer at
The New England University of Mixology.
Choose from a wide range of classes and
participate in some of our incredible
extra curricular activities both on and off