Hang this on your wall at work
and show the rest of those
corporate dinks that you have
more fun that Hawaiin shirt
We've Got Your Back
Our diplomas are real and
certified by the NEUOM.  
Exciting Stories
Now that you have a degree
from the NEUOM think about
all of the bullshit stories that
you can make up to pick up
young girls.  Or boys.  Or
whatever.  #diversity
Fly Your Freak Flag
No judgemenst here.  
Couldn't hack community
college?  No problem, now
you have a certified degree in
Mixology.  BOOM (mic drop)
Share with your friends
Now you can be a part of the
"In Crowd" with your very own
degree in Mixology.
Don't have time to sit in class and earn your degree?  Well now you can have
your very own New England university of Mixology Diploma.  We will
customize your very own diploma.  Your diploma comes with your full name  
and degree of your own choosing from the list on our course page.  This
11"x14" Diploma comes shipped to your door in a frame and ready for display.
Click to order today.
Role Models
People need someone to
look up too.  Now that you
have one of these on your
wall your nephews might stop
calling you Uncle Ball sniffer.
Or maybe not.