"I have been a mixologist in some form or
another my entire life.  It is my passion,
my one true love.  That and Scotch."
Life teaches us something
everyday.  Shaping young
Mixologists and handing
down life lessons is all part of
a good days work.  That, plus
drinking Scotch and getting
laid a lot."
NEUOM Dean of Students
Professor Marcus Denny

Doctor Marcus Denny is a
British-born Mixologist, historian,
dancer, musician, impressionist,
painter, glass blower, semi
professional cricket player, interior
design specialist, antique hat
collector, ten time world champion
flip cup champion, soldier and
lecturer. As a curator for several
prominent museums on the east
coast of the United States including
the world famous, Margaritaville
Cafe.   Doctor Denny is also the
head of the National Mixology
Museum in Pascagoula,
Mississippi.  He sits on the
International Board of Trustees for
the protection of alcohol related
artifacts and is the United States
Mixology Ambassador to the United
Nations.    He recently made an
apperance on Dancing With the
Stars and was a member of the
elite Royal Marines for eight years.  
He has served as the Dean of the
new England University of Mixiology
since 1998.  
"As a young lad in England I dreamed of one day traveling the world,
meeting people, drinking with them, and then making poor decisions.   
Most of them sexually."  
Meet the Dean
Meet the Dean Professor Marcus Denny