Heres to you.
Our university is only as
strong as the student body.  
Join the NEUOM and together
we can shape the world.
When others stop we keep
going.  Always remember that
rehab is for quitters.
Tradition of Excellence
Our ancestors sacrificed
dental hygiene and eyesight
to pave the way for the future
of Mixology.  We owe
everything we are to those
toothless blind bastards.
Aged to Perfection
Like a fine Scotch the NEUOM
gets better with age.  Bringing
the old and new together and
constantly changing the field
of Mixology.  
Reach for the Moon
The boundaries of Mixology
are limitless.  Set your sights
on something greater and you
will realize your dreams.
Faculty  Come inside and see who is on our staff.
The NEUOM is home to one of the most dedicated and talented faculties in the world.  We are
fortunate enough to have some of the leading Mixology teachers in history currently serving on our
board or teaching in our classrooms.  It isn't very often when a school can point to one man or
woman as the clear leader in their field of concentration, well we can do just that.  The world famous
teacher of Honors Mixology himself, Dr. Indiana James Jr.  Each year students from all over the globe
come to our school and hope to take Honors Mixology with Dr. James.  This globe trotting explorer,
soldier, and award winning dancer continues to break ground in the field of Mixology on an almost
daily basis, Dr. James is our pride and joy.  A student of the NEUOM himself, Dr. James has always
been extremely popular with the student body.  Whether during internships or summerzcool, Dr.
James has never been afraid to give his students the hands on experience that they deserve.  Dr.
James travels throughout the school year but his classwork is always posted online....eventually.  His
office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays between 11:15am and 12:00pm.....usually.             
Be a Winner
We make leaders and
leaders become winners.  
Winners go home and fuck
the prom queen.