One Mixologist is incredible
but when you add more to the
mix you can become
Embracing Your Future
Students will soon realize that
their professors prefer to stay
in constant contact.  Thus
forming a bond between
Mixologist and student.
Expert Tutelage
Experience is everything in
the world of Mixology and we
pride ourselves on having the
most highly trained and
dedicated staff in all of the
known universe and even
New Jersey.
Mixology 101
Mixology 102
Mixology 103
Honors Mixology with Professor Henry James Jr.
History of Mixology
Voodoo Economics
Online Piracy
Caribbean Folklore
Myths of the Deep
History of Beer with Professor Timothy J. Hogan
Under the Influence (The History of Alcohol in Politics)
Drinking While Drinking
Intro to Garnish
Craft Beer Intro
Craft Beer Management
Craft Beer Marketing
Craft Beer Honors with world renowned Mixologist Dr. Derek Luke
Vino 101
Vino 102
Honors Vino
Farm to Table Grape Farming
Botanical Consumables
History of Trop Rock with Dr. Steve Kareta
Trop Rock Management
Hangover Prevention and Cures
Fishing Economics
Life Science
Body Painting
Surf 101
Surf 102
Honors Surf
Mixology in The Bush (Austrailian Studies)
with Professor Ed Dolista
D.U.I. Escape and Evasion
Spin Art
Drum Circle Studies
Netflix Encounter with Dr. Andrew Shanley
Margaritas In Time
Party Survival 101
Party Survival Honors
After Party Recovery (Disposal and Denial)
European Lager
History Of Volcanoes
Beach Erosion
Dreadlocks for Dummies
Tye Dye Appreciation
Hacky Sack 101
Hacky Sack 102
Honors Hacky Sack
Agricultural Hemp
Legal Distribution and Marketing
Intro to Portuguese with Dr. Eduardo Casella
Travel Log Jounalism with Baroness Monica Todros

Make Your Mark
Target your goals and aim for
success.  We will provide you
with the tools required to set
out for adventures beyond
your wildest dreams.  
Beverage Delivery Systems and Engineering
with Professor Howie "Chip" Hoff
Bikini Etiquette
Wilderness Survival with Professor Bear Grylls
World Travel
Online Shopping
Aircraft Etiquette with Captain Jack Flaherty
Transportation and Logistics
Underwater Welding
Party Bus Fabrication and Design
with Dr. Chris Hoff
Motor boating (small engine)
Motor boating (tits)
Scuba 101
Scuba 102
Float Plane Science with Dr. Craig Gebo
Honors scuba
Amity Island History
Hawaiian Travel
Pleasure Boat Sailing with Captain Russ Tryder
Day Drinking with Professor Katlyn Kennedy
Muscle Car Repair with Professor Steve Grew
Bar Trivia
Adventures in Zim Zam
Jet Ski Intro
Jet Ski 102
Alcohol Acquisition with Professor John Gentile
History of Goats (Don't ask)
Language Arts
Ancient Cultures
Parrot Head Studies with Dr. Bryce Wagoner
History of Parrot Heads
Navigation and Orienteering
Study of Memory Loss
Study of memory Loss
Study of Memory Loss
Mayan Technology and Studies
Templar Influences
Film Studies
Couch Sitting with Dr. Jason Fitzgerald
Late Night Eats
History of Music with Dr. Larry Pimentel
How to live in Key West on only 5 dollars a day
80's music
80' Super Groups
International; Maritime Law
Arab Studies (
Bottling 101
Bottling 102
Vineyard Service
Event Planning
Concert Management with Dr. Stanton Kellam
A Particular Set of Skills
Hone your craft in many
specialized areas while
taking advantage of our
unique campus activities.