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Let your journey begin here at
the NEUOM with one of the
most diverse student bodies
in the known world.
Famous Alumni
Many graduates from NEUOM
have gone on to become
some of the most powerful
leaders in history.
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Outdoor Activities
The NEUOM boasts one of
the most impressive list of
extracurricular activities than
any other university in the
DISCOVERY, FRIVOLITY, MIXOLOGY.  It's not only the school motto but also the
three main ingredients to a successful education.  With 139 campus locations
worldwide and even New Jersey, the New England University of Mixology has
become the global leader in the study of one of the  worlds most ancient studies,
Mixology.  The study of the very foundation of alcoholic beverages, their rich history,
effect on civilizations, and the various social impact that Mixology continues to have
on mankind.  Our University offers course in a wide range of concentrations and
prides itself on being the only institution of its kind.  Steeped in rich history, the
NEUOM can start you down a path that only the most daring adventurers dream of.  
Kings, queens, politicians, and even the red headed guy from Happy Days have
graced our hallowed halls and you can too.  We welcome you all to the New England
University of Mixology.  Black, white, Cuban and Asian and even the Portuguese are
welcome in the exciting world of Mixology.

-Dr. Marcus Denny
Mixology History
Test your knowledge and
learn about the humble
beginnings of Mixology
throughout history.
International Relations
We have 139 campus
locations around the globe.  
We had one in the Middle
East but it didn't work out.   
Work, Work, Work
It's not all fun and games at
the NEUOM but things can get
pretty messed up.  Like,
blackout drunk.............    
NEUOM Dean of Students Professor Marcus Denny
Environmental Impact
Discover new cultures, make
friends, and also some love.  
Travel the world and see how
Mixology binds us all.   
Thousands of Electives
The NEUOM has the most
elective courses in the world.  
Come and find your new
passion today.