In Episode I we talk to Christina Rondano, star of Indiana James and
the Raiders of the Lost Shaker of Salt.  Christina talks about her love
of acting and some of her favorite things like romantic songs and
cheese.  We also get a glimpse inside the psyche of her character,
Marion Greatwoods, and analyze her relationship with globe trotting
mixologist, Indiana James.  Hosted by Richard Murphy.
the highs and lows of Indiana James.  Mark discusses his character In
Episode III we talk to TNT Executive Producer, Mark Spinelli about
SALAD, and how many calories it takes to maintain his girlish figure
for the film.  Mark explains why he won't be on the best dressed list
this year and how big of an impact Indiana James will have on the
independent film world.  He also talks about f@#*ing.  Hosted by
Richard Murphy.
In Episode II, Richard Murphy talks to Indiana James bad guy, Gregg
"The German" Scurka.  Greg talks about his love of acting and how
smores can be used effectively during interrogations.  We learn how
Gregg got the role of ,TOKE, and what he is looking forward to in the
future.  He also discusses midgets, run ins with the law and his
confusion with Kiefer Sutherland.  Hosted by Richard Murphy.
In Episode IV, Richard Murphy sits down with Director/Star of Indiana
James, Thomas Pimentel.  They discuss what it is like being a globe
trotting Mixologist while still finding time for love.  Richard asks about
the future of TNT and how he can get a snazzy looking bathrobe like
Tom's.  Where can you get your very own bathrobe?  Just watch and
find out for yourself.  Hosted by Richard Murphy.